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Modern ŌM

Since 2016, Modern ŌM has been connecting community to world-class spiritual wellness programs. Our offerings include 30+ Miami event monthly, retreats, trainings, online meditations via the Modern Medi Club, and branded merchandise.

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Modern Medi Club

The Modern Medi Club is a donation-based online meditation studio created by Modern ŌM and Amanda Gilbert Meditation. You can expect 30 minute sessions taught by certified Modern Meditation teachers who are trained in facilitation, inclusivity, and professionalism. 

Daily class times are 8am, 10am & 8pm ET.

Above all, kindness.

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Join the Modern Medi Club to build and maintain a daily meditation practice from anywhere in the world.  

Join a Modern ŌM Plan if you're Miami based. Bonus: you'll be be auto-enrolled into the Modern Medi Club --> everyone needs a daily meditation practice.